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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Communication is a two way street.


Just read the chats Orange posted in your private chat. It was me, Orange’s and Celeste’s scumchat, where this went down. I was possibly late to the party and noticed Reporter was Gallian and tried to signal it.


Also how much do you regret killing Zone


Also it’s hilarious how my order actually doomed you


It didn’t, Zone no actioned apparently. It was more Sam’s swap that doomed me.


Not at all. Oracle is just a bullshit mechanic.



Well I tried to tell you you shouldn’t have killed Zone tbh


Oracle isn’t if it’s 1-2 shot maybe


Yea, because you totally didn’t do that just to dissuade me from killing anyone you didn’t think was a leader.


Solic wanna play a setup with an Oracle and backup Oracle?


I saw through everything you said Fire… :eyes:


yeah but In the end it didn’t even matter


fix the system plz


too op plz nerf


What happens if we get this to 50k?


I think someone said this balances as a cop game but I don’t know for sure


Yes, it is. It’s fine if it confirms a town as innocent child to be honest, but outing a scum publicly just makes that day completely non interactive, especially when you enforce plurality. I’d rather have died than this.


This game is with majority



I thought you had said that in jest. You’re not enticing me if you start off your pitch with that… :smile: