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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Oh my god ORANGE. When I try to subtly signal something to you, DON’T GIVE SARCASTIC REPLIES. :roll_eyes:

“But am I blind?”

“But. Am. I. Blind.”

This just seems like you still didn’t understand what I meant.


No it’s asking if I’m blind because I got it the first time and you kept insisting I didn’t

Hint: I’m not blind


Also every tine I said ring ring to orange I sent him a meaaage


Oh yeah that was super blatant


It physically hurt me


Yeah only scum could get it tho lol


I could of said check scumchat and pretty sure everyone would have ignored it


I’m not ISO diving through all your posts, but I’m pretty sure you had something that me, Orange and you were in a scumchat together and had just converted someone or whatever.




The point is everyone ignores things that seem too obvious


Also just wanna say that my only regret was getting Math mislynched Day 1

I’ve been waiting so long to be in a game with them and then I need to start calling them “overrated” and strongarm a lynch off of Fire onto them, ending their involvement in the game before it could even really take off

I mean, Town!me would’ve hated the complacency syndrome of D1 too, but it still sucked to have to delete them after all this waiting :cry:


I’m glad he was
He was a leader


Pretty sure a leader was hung almost everyday


You right lol


Actually yeah

Math the leader
Merc the leader
Solic the leader
Ici the leader


Yes, that is is sarcasm… :eyes:

If you had said something simple like, I think I understand you without the question mark, I would have just dropped it there.



In essence

I understood you

But you failed to understand me




:wink: :wink:


Confused kitten