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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Also you could have outted us and there’s nothing we can do besides trying to lynch you so you don’t win


You won as soon as someone else was lynched


Also friendly reminder that FK and the Gallian Invasion combined for about half of the posts in this game. What I said about Orange and FK getting a stranglehold to prevent town from gaining info and dividing them depending on who was there (i.e. ganging up on whoever was not in the room) is very much true, and you should not let that happen in the future.


You didn’t kill me on N3 so I felt it was only fair to repay the favor.
Plus I didn’t want to get into a reporter CC that would suck.



You were definitely a town MVP for a new player. I hope you stick around. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro, I’ll definitely be around for the next one

I promise I’m usually not so forgiving, ask @orangeandblack5 , the other mafia we play I was by far the biggest talker (funny though it got me killed pretty early on)


Oh yeah thanks for reminding me about that

I got it the first time and you kept making it more and more obvious what you meant until you just said it, completely ruining any chance that the reporter didn’t know what you meant :man_facepalming:

Add that to the list of things I found annoying - in summary, no faith in me :laughing:


Don’t worry, we’re capable of deepwolfing as well as powerwolfing

Go read 2d3 or whatever it was


Uh I definitely didn’t know what you guys were talking about no matter how obvious you made it lol. Being in scum convos didn’t really help me aside from knowing basic qualities about the people there because I didn’t want too much TMI.


FK still has issues with progression as scum don’t @ me.


Any idea when the next round is gonna be?


So then, we’re better at deepwolfing?


Oh that thing
That exists


Of this specific game? Never. We know the mechanics now, so it wouldn’t be as fun to play again and the Town would know too much and probably win easily.

Of another game? Signups are open pretty much all the time, if you wanna play go join one in #forum-matches :slight_smile:


But why


Edited post to include but in short it’s now an open setup


Still mad at this


I think a normal setup could be made with just vanilla where’s there’s 2 scum 2 scum 1 lost wolf

maybe even 3 each

and put in vanilia town and see what happens


and the leader mechanic for scum of course


Also divide the town into two villagers and citizens