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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


And yes I should be picking a game and starting another there at some point in the next few days




I actually checked ici


honestly if i die before orange and fk things are pretty fucking stupid


Good question, but more importantly: How the hell did you escape D2 and D3?

*looks at Margaret and H_Hjasik, especially Margaret*
I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for spies next time…


hey life gave me an opportunity and i took it by the balls

…maybe that’s not the best metaphor


still really frustrated at this game though, pretty salty tbh

also i highly disliked the amount of spam that was going on

firekitten and orange, even if you’re scum, that doesn’t make it fun for anyone else

setup was fun, 7-8/10, spamming was not fun



@orangeandblack5 at least accept that even if I sucked otherwise I did manage to call you were wolf in my chat


I also sorta managed to call that the three empire goals were somewhat seperate things.

tfw you’re better at reading as Cult than you are at converting or playing wolf and you’re not even good at reading


Except I was more of a survivor player than you were. I had no factional kill protection, nor invest immunity and Fire + Alice had great incentive to want me dead. I finished the game with only Ninja having to be killed. Alice also wasn’t THAT cooperative in the chat.

Not agreeing with you on every read is hardly something you can say is annoying and I have already apologized for the shot. I didn’t see Frost so kudos for that, but Zone I definitely agreed on. My main frustration was that you didn’t seem to get that I wanted to signal Reporter is Gallian like 3 times. :smile:

Outing you in Fire chat was also to my benefit forcing your hand more to deal with the reporter who was the only thing standing in the way of my win condition.


I shot as a Lancer. Almost no chance.


Ohhhh you only get one fakeclaim of course. I received them for every type. We could have known there would be a type cop.


Also #BanOracles. :eyes:


Hey Eevee, I did mention there were more converted than 1 in scum chat.


We should make a game where there is only 10 oracles and vanilla maf wich solic always rolls


I recognized this actually. Eevee said he’d randomly add or subtract a number if you did this.


pretty sure we spammed to distract ninja near eod ngl


I deserve scum mvp


Probably one of the best anonymous chat makers though tbh.

Probably the most heartbreaking post I read this game was the one where you told FK and Orange you were suspicious of them but afraid to voice that out loud.
For the future, if the way somebody has been acting makes you afraid of them suddenly ganging up on you for no reason if you don’t vote with them, it’s a pretty good indicator they’re a bad guy.

Near EoD 4? I was siding with you then and riding it out you didn’t need to distract me lol.


You never know ninja

you never know