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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!



  • Moderators》@eevee. Send all actions to him.

  • Respect》 Be respectful, if you don’t know what’s in the boundries and what is out then ask the Moderators

  • Mod Messages》Do not quote or post any messages from the moderator.

  • Flavour》Flavour is based on Valkyria Chronicles game series. Flavour is important to pay attention to.

  • Lynch》The lynch is plurality based. In the event of a tie, a random player is decided upon.

  • Voting》Vote in a seperate paragraph not in spoilers and bold. Otherwise, we have no obligation to count it.

  • ITA》ITAs will exist. Each class will have different statistics when it comes to ITAs. A table explaining this will be posted before the game starts if a number of players required for ITAs is reached.

  • Shooting》Typing /shoot name in the thread with the name being the player (other than you) you wish to shoot.

  • Flips》When a player dies under regular conditions their rolecard will be revealed in the thread. Any hidden information will be revealed in the card. The source of the the kill will not be revealed.

  • Leaders, setup and action processing》There will be a lot of power roles in this setup.
    However, there will be a maximum of active actions which each non-scum faction can submit.
    This limit is twice the number of alive players with “leader” passive.
    If this limit is exceeded - ALL ACTIONS OF THIS FACTION WILL FAIL.

  • Replacements》If a slot needs to be replaced and their is no immediate replacement then that slot will be modkilled. Players seeking to use this for their factions advantage will receive extra punishment.

  • Spam》Due to the large nature of the game please try and keep everything in a limit number of posts as opposed to multiple quick one-liners.


  1. GamerPoke - Aulard Abington - Dead day 3
  2. PKR - Edy Nelson - Dead day 2
  3. Icibalus
  4. Luxy - CLEANED - Dead day 3
  5. Solic - Maximillian - Lynched day 3
  6. Wazza - Fressia York - Dead day 2
  7. Margaret - Berthold Gregor- Dead night 3
  8. MaximusPrime - Raz - Dead night 3
  9. Firekitten
  10. Insanity - Zaka - Dead day 1
  11. BlueStorm - Alicia Melchiott - Dead night 1
  12. H_Hjasik - Nikola Graf - Dead day 2
  13. DatBird - Cezary Regard - Dead day 3
  14. Alice - Heinrich Belgar - Dead day 2
  15. Meteoro - Christel Ward - Dead night 3
  16. Isaac - Audrey Heitinga - Dead day 2
  17. PoisonedSquid - Kai Schulen - Dead day 4
  18. Geyde - Dan BentleyDead night 3
  19. orangeandblack5
  20. Marcus - Knute Jung - Dead day 1
  21. MathBlade - Claude Wallace - Lynched day 1
  22. Zone_Q - Nadine - Dead night 2
  23. NinjaPenguin
  24. Sam17z - Viola Bryce - Dead day 3
  25. psychoneirik - Crymaria Levin - Dead day 2
  26. Soulshade55r
  27. Frostwolf103 - Aoife - Dead day 4
  28. Mercenary - Rosie - Lynched day 2
  29. TeenierTub


Mechanics reveal day 2

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)
Timeline of Forum
[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)
[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)


Itas will start DAY 2 and will happen everyday, for the WHOLE DAY.

The process of taking a shoot is however MORE RISKY then in a normal ITA-based game.

The hit chance depends on attack of the attacking troop and defense of defending one.
If attack is higher then defense, ITA chance is higher.
If defense is higher then attack, ITA chance is lower.

However if defending person attack range is higher or same as of attacker, they will automaticly fire back at the attacker, potentialy killing them in self-defense. That’s called interception fire.

Both attackers shoot as well as defenders interception fire are processed at the same time (unless stated otherwise), so potentialy one scout attacking other scout can mean both of them die in this attack.

Hence be mindful of who you shoot at and plan your shots correctly, or it might be you who die to them.

Class Attack Defense Range Notes
Scout Medium Medium Medium
Shocktrooper High High Low
Enginer Low Medium Medium Bonus to interception fire
Lancer Low High Low Bonus against tanks and grenadiers.
Sniper High Low High Can’t interception fire
Grenadier Low Low High Shoots first. Bonus against tank.
Tank Medium High Medium Can only be killed by attack from Grenadier/Lancer or when attacking Enginer.
Others xxx xxx xxx Specified in class card.

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)

A following rolecard has been revealed to public:


Irene Ellet

The best stories are always in the most dangerous places!*

Faction: Gallia
Class: Other


  1. You cannot be killed via vig shoots / factional kills / ITAs. You have always 0% accuracy when shooting in ITA.
  2. You can read ALL CHATS in the game. You cannot talk in them.
  3. You will peek as a role and flavor of your choice to all investigatives.

Special Mechanic:
Each night each player may decide to guess your identity.
If they are incorect, they die bypassing all protections.
If they are correct, you die bypassing all protections and the guesser will get a 2 cop check OR 2 vig kills for immediate use. (Theirs choice).
In case of many correct guesses - a random winer will be picked.

You know that [censored], [censored] and [censored] are not in the game.

Wincon: Survive to the final 5. You will leave the game victorious when this happens. You will lose if game ends earlier.



There is a maximum of active actions which each non-scum faction can submit per night.
This limit is twice the number of alive players with “leader” passive.
If this limit is exceeded - ALL ACTIONS OF THIS FACTION WILL FAIL .

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)

This are all public mechanics in this game.

That means that…

I’m randing and sending out rolecards.

Will probably finish up tommorow cause it’s 2:40 am here, but hey, at least I’m gonna start it.


Half of rolecards was sent.

I’m gonna slow down for now, due to having other work to do.



Night 0 has begun.

Meanwhile I’m distributing rest of rolecards.

People who had night 0 action were already informed.

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)

@H_Hjasik replaced @Marluxion

I’m sorry for any troubles it caused with night 0.


Day 1 has started.

It will last 48h, after which a plurality chosen player will be lynched.

There is NO ITAs during day 1.


No ITAs???

Wow what’s the point




Is it funny that I had a instinct to actually use loud caps.


Orange vote geyde let’s go




Also if the reporter is in all chats

can’t they just out the scumteam right now and end it

The only thing stopping them is “fear from getting killed” but we can literally end this right now


@Firekitten pls


Good question

I assume eevee is copying messages somehow


The heck

Why would Eevee waste so much time literally copying and pasting messages.





Vote geyde with me