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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)


Somehow they are talking about Music mash, the other mash of mine.


Music Mash is up to 80 playres.

VC? Up to 40 max tbh.


a study says that most people enjoy movies/games just as much when spoiled, if not more


That study was done with books, and doesn’t apply nearly as well to interactive media like games. Spoilers for games can go beyond the story.


I won’t be joining.

I’ve got danganronpa to handle


thi sprobably won’t start until after ur puganronpa is finished tho


yeah maybe.

but I’ve got other games to host


This study was wrong



join the mash








uh marl

we are talking about mu mash


Marl you HAVE to join it


You are confusing people.

New topic for MM might be in order.



Here we go.





Hope I haven’t rusted much.


And who might you be, adventurer?


@eevee i’ll join on the condition that any spoilers for the games gets hidden under a spoiler tab :eyes: