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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)




That sounds pretty FREAKING wrong.


Is there a start date to this or just whenever it’s filled? :thinking:


p sure we’re hoping for at least twice the # of players


i would join but i don’t want spoilers, just bought both games on switch




I mean spoilers are events + roles.

If I cut out events it’s as much as role flavor.


What is mash


Is it just many players or there is something else to it too


Players, power roles, events, etc.


@geyde @mercenary @pug

be prepared to die D1 probably except not really. Ici was over exaggerating on the mislynches based on tones ect




You joined the mash


i guess i’m obligated to do so as well lol


I was just sort of confused by what this meant

Just for how gigantic games play


Also yeah, the main thing that you have to get used to is extremely fast-paced gameplay.

I’m the only one here who has a right to get mislynched D1 :^)


do you know what it means
it means “go answer the rp reeeeeeee”



I am First Sword of Akrane btw
giant nick btw.


why tho