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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)


@Isaac_Gonzalez this won’t start soon.

Like all mashes are gonna have AT LEAST week long signups.


Will there be spoilers in rolecards of any kind?


if so, for which games?


1 and 4 and I will avoid as much as possible spoilers, tho some may happen.

In this game flavor is important after all.




I hope I don’t play this game full citizen again. :eyes:







Join? :smiling_imp:







Come back. I’m a sad Reaper without you.


False. Reapers don’t have feelings.


/join even if I also don’t know anything about the game


Let’s do a pact
if we find something relevant on character bg we share it


Character “background” you mean? I feel like I likely will just ignore flavor mostly. :upside_down_face:


Eevee said it’s important :frowning:


Cause it is important indeed.


wait no


Never played the games but always wanted to so I’ll join /in


I only got into VC after playing VC2FM

The first game is 50% off on Switch right now, and that’s a GREAT deal


The 4th one is also 50% off on switch for 30 bucks