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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - signups thread - (29/29)



  • Moderators》@eevee and @eevee_bot. Send all actions to them.

  • Respect》 Be respectful, if you don’t know what’s in the boundries and what is out then ask the Moderators

  • Mod Messages》Do not quote or post any messages from the moderator.

  • Flavour》Flavour is based on Valkyria Chronicles game series. Flavour is important to pay attention to.

  • Lynch》The lynch is plurality based. In the event of a tie, a random player is decided upon.

  • Voting》Vote in a seperate paragraph not in spoilers and bold. Otherwise, we have no obligation to count it.

  • ITA》ITAs will exist ONLY IF GAME WILL FILL COMPLETLY (And will be removed if not). ITA times will be announced at the start of each game day.
    Each class will have different statistics when it comes to ITAs. A table explaining this will be posted before the game starts if a number of players required for ITAs is reached.

  • Shooting》Typing /shoot name in the thread with the name being the player (other than you) you wish to shoot.

  • Flips》When a player dies under regular conditions their rolecard will be revealed in the thread. Any hidden information will be revealed in the card. The source of the the kill will not be revealed.

  • Leaders, setup and action processing》There will be a lot of power roles in this setup.
    However, there will be a maximum of active actions which each non-scum faction can submit.
    This limit is twice the number of alive players with “leader” passive.
    If this limit is exceeded - ALL ACTIONS OF THIS FACTION WILL FAIL.

  • Replacements》If a slot needs to be replaced and their is no immediate replacement then that slot will be modkilled. Players seeking to use this for their factions advantage will receive extra punishment.

  • Spam》Duo to the large nature of the game please try and keep everything in a limit number of posts as opposed to multiple quick one-liners.

  • Events》Each day (at least in the beginning, no promises on D42) there will be at minimum one event per day. An event may be small contest or a large scale object, each offers an incentive to participate from rewards to not dying. If an event launches that needs sign ups then /join is required to particpate.


  1. GamerPoke
  2. PKR
  3. Icibalus
  4. Luxy
  5. Solic
  6. Wazza
  7. Margaret
  8. MaximusPrime
  9. Firekitten
  10. Insanity
  11. BlueStorm
  12. H_Hjasik
  13. DatBird
  14. Alice
  15. Meteoro
  16. Captain
  17. PoisonedSquid
  18. Geyde
  19. orangeandblack5
  20. Marcus
  21. MathBlade
  22. Zone_Q
  23. NinjaPenguin
  24. Sam17z
  25. psychoneirik
  26. Soulshade55r
  27. Frostwolf103
  28. Mercenary
  29. TeenierTub



So is this VC1 or VC4

Or both

And are there NPCs


Sounds fun, /In


No NPCs.
Or at least much less NPCs then certain Valkyria Chronicles 2 FM you think about.

It’s different game. By a lot.


I mean @orangeandblack5 let’s be honest.

Metrion’s game was imba exactly cause of NPCs being a big distraction.


/in :smiley:



(not as hot on ITAs nowadays but still)


So will I be at a disadvantage if I know nothing about Valkyria Chronicles?


you’ll be fine
i never know what I’m doing and I’m just fine




I kinda disagree, insofar as NPCs made the ITAs much less destructive to the playercount.


Having been in one of these before


Just be prepared to use the wiki



/premature join I suppose




/in Ping me massively when it begins


It’s not gonna be normal ITAs anyway.
They were modified.






time to die n2 again




/out sorry