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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - SIGNUPS - (23/24)


We never hung a single mafia
Only mafia who died was an obvious one and died to a vig shot


in fairness that mash had a garbage village
you can tell because I was in it :^)


You were?


I preume you’re talking about Not An Anime Holiday Mash


Wait you were in mantichora one
not soda mafi


Grand Idea mash would be literal insanity


Not a mash.


Same difference 12/12


why did you have to ping me there


12/12 does not a mash make
The crucial element is massive playerlist size.


Also prepared to be tunneled for sheeping


it’s similar

because like most mashes town played awful :slight_smile:


also I did awful D1 but progressively got better until the end when I had the whole team down but mistaken duck as a lost wolf :confused:


Mashes are fun.

And in fairness I did get a former champion to praise my play, which means that I can actually learn how to be better. From what I can tell, my actual analysis can be good, but my reads become worse when I become obsessed with voting people.


I’ve been trying far too hard to be a player who votes correctly via reaction pressuring when I’m better at having a detatched stance and being the deciding but accurate vote.


grabs popcorn
I love how this chat has blown up


I joined mash too


hjasik yes!


@PoisonedSquid vote