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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - SIGNUPS - (23/24)


W h y n o t ?





Eh fair

Okay I have a serious question

Cookies Popcorn or a smoothie


if I can have a giant nickname with spaces I shall have


Cookies. :cookie:




are the cookies warm?






Cookies are best when warm tho


k let me make a poll

  • Cookies which aren’t warm
  • Popcorn
  • Smoothie

0 voters


I’m looking through this at the moment



12 hour days, 12 hour nights, and there are about 10 people who play simmilarly to Marl all being in the thread at once.




You should have seen the last mash I was in
A villager shot a town check and died
A villager claimed 3p misread their results got a town lynched
A villager also caused a tinfoil to get a guy lynched (granted funny)

at the end we lost but at least I guessed the team at the end




Thank you Geydeboy


holy shit


People on MU don’t sheep right