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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles Forum Mafia - SIGNUPS - (23/24)


And that’s cheap.


But the first, while arguably a less refined game, has a great tale and method of telling it (haven’t played VC4 yet but assuming it calls on VC1 due to taking place in the same timeframe) and is a better starting point at merely $15.


VC4 is very simlar to VC1 mechanic-wise, but has them more… refined.


Literally exactly what I said? lol


Assuming I read your posts.


Either way I’m excited to jump in at some point in the next few months because VC1 was a highly underrated game.


I can share you the steam library.

You are other timezone then me so probably should find time to play just fine.


I already own VC4 nerd




/replace in to Geyde’s slot :smirk:

(AKA just a regular ol’ in)


: /


pops in
Uhhhhh, post a spicy meme vid and if I like it, I’ll in


Attention - Shameless self-promotion.

If you want, you can join another mash of mine, hosted on MU.
Includes ITAs and one event daily.


I would if I could convince myself to keep up. Sadly I cannot.


Funny that I’m already in this one… wait you’re hosting it?!
Weird after nap trip gets even weirder


Do you know many other eevees who play mafia on the internet?




The only other one I knew stopped playing :")


Is the Hippolytus coming back?


I am two people in one.