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FM - Unknown (Town Victory!)


You know I really don’t get the point of claiming twice. Regardless of alignment besides jester.


Marl is here!
Everyone, scram!
hops a fence


Marl dropped the axe lol.



Nuke I dare the


ok someone fuckin hammer then


Fair I guess


/:b:ote Lymphoma


You already did


/vote Lymphoma
i bold this!


I’m aware




regardless as to how much he hints at it, unless he says ‘i am faith healer’ in no confusing terms, its not a hard claim. period


Live reacting



Well, look at the mess you’ve made! You’ve gone and executed my cleaning staff!

Lymphoma was a Janitor. Now who’s gonna clean up his body?! Looks like I’ve found the missing role list that he stole, I’ll work on deciphering that.

Night 1 Begins. You have 24 hours to send in any night actions.


Clean Corpse (Night) - Tonight, if this player dies they will not have their role revealed nor will they leave behind any kind of logs.
Your goal is to eliminate the town and any threats to the mafia.


Don’t forget to send in your actions, please. /NoAction if you dont plan on using one.


And if you want to leave a death note or journal send those as well.


Night Results coming out now.


The day begins! … A couple more corpses, though!

HTM has died. He was a Tracker.


Spy (Night) - Follow a player. You will see who they visit tonight. (But not who visits them.)
You win when all of the threats to the town are lynched!

He left behind the following journal:

Htm The Tracker N1: Spy on Whamm

Boss110 has died. He was a Hider.


Hide (Night) - Each night you may hide behind another player. If someone tries to specifically target you, they will fail. If they target the player you are hiding behind, they will instead target both of you. If you hide behind a member of the mafia, you will die.
You win when all of the threats to the town are lynched!

He left behind the following journal.

Log N1-HTM

Both of them have the following death note left on their corpses.


The day begins! You have 72 hours.