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FM - Unknown (Town Victory!)


To hammer, or not to hammer :thinking:



I’m tired


aahhhhh i gtg out again i’ll do it when i get back assuming marl hasn’t locked the thread


/Hammer Time Lymph



Do it I dare thee




if lymph flips town imma be hella disappoint
but i do not expect it at all.


I believe in Rngeus

Do you?


Did we seriously just quickhammer?


I tried resisting

It worked for 20 secs


You either haven’t been here or don’t know what that word means.


Lymph has slippers


quote you explicitly* claiming your role

explicitly means in the form of ‘I claim x with a’ where ‘x’ is a specific class name and ‘a’ is a specific kind of an effect or modifyer effecting the class


~3 hours left in day, and Lymph has claimed twice.


We never waited for a defense. But probably the first 1 because I haven’t.


Lymph claimed twice in Infiltration.


i didn’t read infiltration nerb.


btw right before i leave, the only neutrals possible are pretty much survivor, sk, amne, and executioner
marl pretty much said it early on when i was looking for VC

actually gtg now cya



With the axe?


Hammer has NOT been reached, you nerds. HTM Unvoted. Official VC incoming