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FM - Unknown (Town Victory!)


Are you trolling or?


Your voting me on the basis I I haven’t claimed when you haven’t etheir. I atleast soft claimed.


NightX and Parfait, vote each other
Because no way in hell that’s TvT


Claimed is past tense.
He implied he previously openly claimed faith healer, so I asked him to quote it.


I pretty much did by liking post.

Your the only one who didn’t know my claim I think…


He had and has numerous times
Now tell me why you support claiming in this format to begin with?


Let’s ignore the did he claim bit for a minute


And look at his behavior



Don’t accuse me of sheepish when I see no other LYNCH YOU WANT TO FOLLOW. First I tried sam that failed. Then nuke. Nah didn’t work: I am atleast happy to TRY TO GET SOMETHING OUT OF TODAT


“Let’s ignore your point, and move onto MY point.”
Fire has been behaving like Fire, unabashedly and non-concernedly Fire.


Liking a post isn’t equal to claiming.
I knew what you implied you were, but until you actually say “I am faith healer” (which you did after my vote, thank god)
There is room for doubt about what you’re doing.
Remember that openly claiming hurts town less than not hinting at roles


I been trying to get nuke but no one will listen.


The point was beating a dead horse


Because I have an idea that needs a few things to work. I didn’t want to have a healer that may or may not switch claims because they feel like it, and by getting an actual solid statement, they can’t backpedal from it.


Hey night any better ideas if not too bad I can care less about sheepint


Thought TBH I’ve got a history already of defending people I assume to be VI and then being forced to eat my words

But I’ll stay confident in my gut read of Fire being at least a townlean.


What’s hider


I’m not a idiot.

I been trying to help.


Instead of the faith healer, maybe rely on the already claimed 2-Shot Doc?

Now I’m REALLY intrigued in your “pro-town” motives for outting our healers


I’m not Google