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FM - Unknown (Town Victory!)


this is not gold


The difference is Jailor can execute, Jailkeeper only jails


I read about it, it stops any attacks to the prisoner and roleblock that prisoner.


I’m here!!!
I don’t like nolynching so gonna straight away say, I am against that. As no matter what, lynches can give info from associations.
I find Mole a bit susp. It’s like he just pulled me being neutral out of nowhere and I fail to see his logic. The randomness makes me doubt the validity and makes me think it’s from a scum trying to very weakly LAMIST.


I think I understand the reasoning that behind Mole’s reading of you as neutral
If you were neutral that could side town, would you put yourself now?


Okay what’s happening now?


Ask someone else
I’m running with /vote Lymph because he has been the most scummy, and his wagon the most spicy :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Sheep me at your peril


Wats that suppose to mean…


He claimed Ascetic Miller, and then Hider with a target
You should never claim either of those publicly lol



Should I vote this…

/Vote lymph



If you’re still with us, vote Lymph for the reason I posted just above


Hey if anyone’s a town vig

You can always shoot pkr…


He claimed neut right?


this qoute alone is a lol


He didn’t claim neutral.


Why would that even be a reaction test



Then don’t shoot him yet


/vote Firekitten

You are sheeping way too much


I always sheep :slight_smile:


You have a better idea for a lynch.

I had one but no one followed