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FM - Unknown (Town Victory!)


Didn’t you claim cop? Just investigate her if you don’t believe the IC claim.


I would but I have better targets in mine like (Nuke)-frost


Frost spell better please


Did I? You added Miller as well and that role doesn’t exist together and you call that opportunistic.


So unless you have much better defense, I am not dropping it.



What does him voting
You remind you of?


Lymphoma’s “reaction testing” was definitely weird but Marl did say anything non-bastard was possible. Also you’re OMGUSing and acting pretty wierd tbh.
Remember you got really mad the first time we votes you as well.


He’s the one doing it, no?


Frost claimed cop so hes legit only guy we can semi-depend on till Marl confirms me



Lymph said that after he voted him

Then lymph voted frost


Both of you are acting weird. If you’re really cop you can just investigate them. Also why do you keep switching from Celeste to Lymphoma??


Its cuz I cant prove im IC until Marl confirms me


True, which means that if he really thinks he has a good lead, he should explain himself first rather than being rude. Or he can just investigate them obviously


Eww fair

?? I didn’t vote Celeste but I reckon you are talking about suspicions but to be honest, it’s related.


Yeah which is why he shouldn’t push on you quite yet probably
You will probably be confirmed unless you’re planning on doing a suicide push to distract us later…


Why does max seem like scum to me right now. Trying to hard to act as townie


I didn’t push Celeste that much, I don’t fully buy him that’s all.




Could u not trigger me?


I did mention I could spank you :clap: