[FM] Short Fuse IV - Game Over - Town wins

Short Fuse IV





9 Town
3 Mafia

Mafia requires parity to win rather than the total obliteration of the town faction

Mafia have a factional chat, but do not have a factional kill
Days are 48 hours long
Prods will be sent out every 24 hours of non-activity. A second prod means a force replace out.
Lynches happen through either majority or plurality
Votes are cast with command /vote [insert playername]
You cannot vote for a nolynch

Game Gimmick

Each player has a bomb strapped to them, the bombs can only be disarmed when 1 faction wins.

At the beginning of the game, each player is publicly given a detonator.

At any point, you may type /detonate in the game thread to kill the player whose detonator you hold.

When a player dies for any reason (detonation or lynch), the detonator they hold is given to the player who holds their detonator, so if A can kill B and B can kill C, if B dies, A then has the detonator to kill C.

A player may detonate a maximum of one player per 24 hours.

Before the game starts, the Mafia must tell us if they want a Town detonator, a Mafia detonator, or for it to be random. A maximum of 3 Mafia detonators can be taken. A 12 hour time limit holds for pre-game. It is allowed to talk during this period. If no choice is made, it will be random.

Once the player who has your detonator types /detonate , you can no longer detonate anyone.


  1. BlueStorm>KyoDaz
  2. KyoDaz>Solic
  3. Solic>Alice
  4. Alice>Hippolytus
  5. Hippolytus>JakeTheWolfie
  6. JakeTheWolfie>DatBird
  7. DatBird>Arete
  8. Arete>SirDerpsAlot
  9. SirDerpsAlot>sulit
  10. sulit>WazzaAzza
  11. WazzaAzza>Marshal
  12. Marshal>BlueStorm


  1. Kai_5
  2. Geyde

Type /backup to backup.

Credit for the setup goes to user Jazz.

The only difference from the previous one is that after you detonate, you can detonate again after a cooldown (24 hours) instead of next day (it is to prevent a situation of a clicking contest at sod).

You can argue with this, was just an idea.



There are no classes and it’s just vanilla correct?

Yeah, no roles, everyone is just town or mafia.

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/backup, might in if I get home from vacation before it fills


Faster trigger finger, more detonations :thinking:



Oh that’s hot. That’s hot.


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Honestly, if Mafia can reach parity by bombing, I’d say just autoresolve the game.

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This but also 13v3

BOO get out of here with bad suggestions that would make it balanced but unfun





Can’t be caught by association if there’s nobody to associate with


15 v 1 but mafia can infinite detonate

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17 vs -1


and game autoresolve

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Short Fuse is inherently hilarious.
Minor nerf to fun factor would help the game’s balance a lot.