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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


wtf was your performance after I died


that bit me in the ass for sure

wazza also dying fucked me over aswell, cause i was a prime lynch target for mafia.


It was obvious but you never iterated it well enough to get players behind it.


I kind of wanted to get you bombed.


Basically town lost because they were isolated in their reads.

Wolves won because they worked together as a cohesive unit



me giving up, having a somewhat crappy sleep, figuring out who the scum team was

just got worked up and i wanted to spite math if he was town

i knew game was town when people gave up on lynching ici


And if I was town I probably would have become stubborn and 0 fucks in a different way. As either alignment I hate people asserting they know more than I do. It makes a person feel useless and unwanted which almost instantly makes me not want to work with that person.

Btw @Maxwell and @DatBird my advice for new players was still solid imho even though I was scum.


10/10 would play scum with again


Same here. Thanks for trusting me when I said to be patient on a few things :slight_smile:


I trust your advice was valid Math. I sort of suspected who was who, and I knew town would just be trigger happy.


That’s when imho you need to fight more newbie or not. :slight_smile: While I was encouraging I wasn’t like “rah rah go Maxwell” and pushing you too.

If you think town is going the wrong way scream it. Even if it seems “ridiculous”


Perhaps I should have. But these fuse games go so fast I miss an exorbitant amount of messages while in class. All in all I have over 1,500 unread messages in this thread.


You keep a very level head, which is one of the best qualities you’ve shown in this game.

About the activity thing, that’s just an unfortunate causality of games like this.


Thanks for the complement. But there’s more I could have done. I just rando detonated BlueStorm because it seemed as if one of us would be lynched instead of fighting for both of us which may have worked.


It’s kind of ironic:

In games going fast going slower usually wins.

In games going slow getting the first perception usually wins.


Also I think this setup as it is sides a bit with town.

We had 7 mislynches and were still dangerously close to losing


You had 3 mafia members alive. You were not dangerously close to losing. I think this is balanced, but maybe the detonator reset dynamics need some kind of tune.


If one of us had died the game would have busted wide open


That is kind of the game you played, not the setup’s fault.


Yeah I was adding that on to the post after the fact.

My bad.