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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


Oh nvm


We would also need to give scum an NK at that point to. To balance out that.


If We remove detonations in lylo it will be townsided as hell


Not sure how NK could work here though, if they can just get randomly detonated by trigger happy player. Wouldn’t be very fun.


No I mean once lylo happens

It turns into lylo
A lynch happens
If scum scum get a factional NK
Then game continues again at lylo


No more detonations at all.


Ok, I get it, basically game turns into Mountainous at that point.


Then the main premise of detonations exist but wagons are still at the core.

Too many people hero complexed this shit.




It’s over?

I read like 20 posts AMA


Not you :angry:


So was half the town :roll_eyes:


2 maf dets lmao

that expains why geyde wasn’t blown


I’m always away when things happen


i regret blowing up orange

nuff said


I haven’t followed it too closely to the letter, but it saddened me a bit that emotions ran so high occasionally and not in a good sense. This is a game and sometimes the ones that are pushing your buttons have to do so to achieve their win condition. If you blow up a town, I’d also want to work extra hard to make up for it, instead of letting it be like lulguesswelost then.

Let this be a lesson in trigger happiness as well. Sometimes there was a certain consensus scumread like Ici, but noone wanted to put in the work to get him lynched over an easier target that could be detonated/had more votes (obviously with mafia’s support then). Blowing up people that had said nothing of substance falls along that category as well. Not only do you deprive them of the chance to play, you severely hurt your teammates and devolve the game to a weighted coinflip against your favour. Just because it works out sometimes like Hippo, doesn’t mean it’s overall beneficial or very fun. Picking mafia detonators is also a very strong strategy with the going trigger happiness.

The mafia were successful, worked together well and deserve their win. I think town didn’t account for powerwolves working together as much as they should have. There wasn’t a huge volume this game and not many backread either, which few quotes shows for instance.

I will make prodding periods shorter next time around definitely. I would like people to tell me how they felt about “pregame” or day 0, this time around. Was it too short, too long, unnecessary, boring? How do you suggest to change it? Otherwise I hope everyone still enjoyed the game. It’s to have fun after all. :smile:


Astand rolled the mafia and detonator circle though. :smile:


feels bad

on a scale of 1 to 10, how shocked were you when i blew up orange




I was just excited that I could do a flip. :smile: I didn’t expect you to cave into the trigger happiness first and that definitely played a big part in how Ici survived up until the end.


tbh, for me personally

i hot incredibley frustrated from people ignoring the scum team (it was obvious ici and geyde were mafia due to geydes actions)

math got me worked up, it led to my downfall