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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


this game is at its most fun when it’s you and a bunch of your buds in a village core against the wolves


Actually you can’t change who you are but you can change the words out of your lips.


This is why character attacks aren’t something that should happen, period.


not like you have a word in this


It also gives the person you’re attacking a moral high ground.

Like seriously when you brought up be being Aspie it gives a person leverage.


You = Blue*


Winning doesn’t matter that much, especially since being the same allignment with Hippolytus g a u r e n t e e s your win anyway, so why bother :^)

(jk hippo you’re not that good)


@astand @Solic



If this setup is ever held again, detonation resets would need to be reworked, so it doesn’t turn into a competition of reflexes/internet speed.


How about we make detonations Day 1 only so the game actually gets a satisfying ending?


And timezones


They still lost.

How about a rule that says should town have the potential of losing with a bomb going off detonations don’t work.


That’s literally what I said earlier and you complained about that


Because it would be townsided as hell


Oh that


Right. I happened to be scum.

And fair enough I did have good points.

I is at work and not thinking clearly

I was with my earlier onjection


Town has 7 mislynches they can just decide to play it like normal moutainous


So pretty much disable detonations at LyLo.


Town wins game D1 with a stomp
Let’s add 5 wolves
Town wins again
Remove a wolf
Wolf wins
Make it town sided as hell


Mafia won the second game though.