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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


wtf did I do


There’s something wrong with this town if I was mvp this match


And that was only with me egging you on.



Mostly accurate reads, correctly read Wazza when he was looking like a very viable bomb target.


He just scum read ici out of the entire scum team



I know I nominated FK to be my scum in town clothing.




The thing that bothered me this game and why I was asking math if ever bussed was the way he handled where to go after blue if they flip scum

Like I couldn’t understand his logic with me and Eevee so I was wondering if he was bussing blue there


That’s not important when he read Met/Dat/Hja as town making this pretty damn difficult


By the way the gutread was literally just “i feel sam is village” for absoloutely no reason
it’s weird but as wolf I try to think who I’d think would be a wolf if my wolfteam was a masonry


Those were pretty difficult to dispute and we had to stick with them until EoG


Didn’t want you two trusting each other

Dead chat please?


oh me too


Also Blue you were right the entire time


Like I said

It doesn’t matter if you know who the scum is if they aren’t dead


I mean, Hj is easy to read

Metero is the same

Dat was being coming from a towny view, not scum

But, still good non the less.


Townblocs are legitimately underrated, by the way.


I was literally the only one to suspect him st that time

Also my final guesses were totally accurate save for my thinking Blizer was scum instead of Math


Sometimes depends on the setup.

I generally hate them as I infiltrate them. See “Math is locktown”