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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


he’s such a god he dosen’t need to do shit and he still carries


wow that’s a BIG oof



Best Mafia

  • Hippo
  • Math
  • Icibalus
  • Geyde

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as somebody who has carried my team to many losses by doing nothing I can conifrm that is how it works


100% Hippo MVP


What I particularly liked:

Geyde: “If FK is town, Ici is scum”
FK flips town
Geyde: “Ici is 100% town because Blue is scum”
Blue flips town
Geyde: “Blizer is scum caught!”
No one except Blizer suspects Geyde




i feel so bad for Blizer
but it dosen’t matter if the day’s mislynch is on to you


It’s rare for people to read the reads of dead villagers seriously in any case, let alone the day’s mislynch.


laughs in Throne of Lies BD



I was just scumhunting


Honestly, I realized it when he accused me that both of you were on a scum team.


pro tip: try hunting yourself, it’s the most accurate read you’ll ever have


I called people out for agendaposting, but almost never got called out for doing the same


I wonder who gets town mvp :thinking:


Probably Fk


The one Who blew mafia mvp


Hippo, obviously.


oh yeah forgot