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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


that’s what they all say



And yeah, all 5 were town.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’ve been misread almost every time someone has meta read me


I was manipulating people into exploding by saying not to. It triggers hero complexes. Surely that doesn’t mean moi?

Plus gave me an excuse not to blow up Geyde.


Well at least I didn’t blow up Hjasik even though I openly thought about it


I was disappointed there. Lots of sads.


I was referring only to the list eevee made.

Mafia deserved this win.


Thank you. I put a lot into teaching and manipulating and patience so it’s nice to have some credit. Geyde and Ici while being obvious to me did a good enough job too :slight_smile:


And that proves no one will figure it out eventually


If Blue argued against me better I would’ve been toast


no but can we just talk about how Hippo was blown up for doing literally nothing


he was in a bad spot for the wazza explosion.


I dont know why I didnt push harder on you after he flipped


who was mafia? geyde and ici i assume


Hippo wins by doing absolutely nothing


that could be said for half the players lul


Ultimate intuition


so true


Geyde, Ici, my dad Hippo, and Math