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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


My dads back from the store



It wasn’t as bad this time.

Still an issue though


Geyde was obvious mafia.




No offence Geyde.



While i know i had a bad detonate on orange, what was the sam detonate.


So @H_Hjasik was slow :^)


Man Im sad


Stuck on the phone with Capital One.

/vote Capital One

So what’s up?


Honestly, all of his actions were defending ici

I noticed that tbh, and i knew they were scum.

last one was me trying to figure shit out.


Pro:I know how to tell when math is scum now, I found it. I found something I never saw in his town play but I saw in his mafia play when I was dead.
I may know how to read Geyde now

Cons:I lost

oh well


It was super obvious.

But deepwolfing wasn’t the way to win there.


I wanted to have fun


Yeh… but… my turbo is opening now lol.


Meta reads don’t work on me


I want to rant tbh,

But since Math is Maf, i really cant except to say that the blue and fk detonates were shit.


They don’t on me either. Kitten isn’t the first to say that. We will have to see if it’s true or not at some point.


If Ici was dead we basically lost


I wanted to blow him up so bad

that sam read was shit.


Ici or Geyde yeah

I was debating blowing him up for cred but then realized how deep I would have to go.