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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win



/vote Meteoro

Accused Voters Number
Meteoro Blizer, H_Hjasik, DatBird, eevee 4/5
Geyde Maxwell 1/5
eevee MathBlade 1/5
Blizer Geyde, Icibalus, Meteoro 3/5


Rip me,just kill blizer fast @Maxwell


/vote Blizer




No idea.

I dislike that they both appeal to emotions to not be lynched



@Icibalus where are you


We blow up Meteoro and lynch Blizer?

Does it make any sense?


Or rather not lynch Blizer if Meteoro flips scum.


Math Says to scumread you but he doesnt seem to try to convince others about it


Problems starts that DatBird + Math still got a bomb to use.

But I doubt they will blow it up and are mafia both.


I mean that he doesnt seem to be frustrated about not getting his scumreads lynched


@DatBird are you mafia with Math?






SInce I’m town. I have no clue what Math is


Easy, simple. I like.


i’m willing to trust you on this Eevee
don’t let me down

/detonate @astand


I’m not sure myself if it was correct choice, lol.


But yeah, either one of this 2 had to go.