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[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win


Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse

Because explosions make everything better


Solic & Astand


12 Town
4 Mafia

Mafia requires parity to win rather than the total obliteration of the town faction

Mafia have a factional chat, but do not have a factional kill
Days are 48 hours long
Prods will be sent out every 24 hours of non-activity. A second prod means a force replace out.
Lynches happen through either majority or plurality
Votes are cast with command /vote [insert playername]
You cannot vote for a nolynch

Game Gimmick

Each player has a bomb strapped to them, the bombs can only be disarmed when 1 faction wins.

At the beginning of the game, each player is publicly given a detonator.

At any point, you may type /detonate in the game thread to kill the player whose detonator you hold.

When a player dies for any reason (detonation or lynch), the detonator they hold is given to the player who holds their detonator, so if A can kill B and B can kill C, if B dies, A then has the detonator to kill C.

A player may detonate a maximum of one player per day.

Before the game starts, the Mafia must tell us if they want a Town detonator, a Mafia detonator, or for it to be random. A maximum of 3 Mafia detonators can be taken. A 12 hour time limit holds for pre-game. It is allowed to talk during this period. If no choice is made, it will be random.

Once the player who has your detonator types /detonate , you can no longer detonate anyone.

Players Alive (A -> B = A can detonate B)

Blizer -> Icibalus
Icibalus -> Meteoro
Meteoro -> DatBird
DatBird -> H_Hjasik
H_Hjasik -> MathBlade
MathBlade -> Geyde
Geyde -> Eevee
Eevee -> Maxwell
Maxwell -> Blizer


  1. orangeandblack5, Town (Detonated first, day 1 by Blizer)
  2. WazzaAzza, Town (Detonated second, day 1 by BlueStorm)
  3. Hippolytus, Mafia (Detonated third, day 1 by H_Hjasik)
  4. MaximusPrime, Town (Detonated fourth, day 1 by Eevee)
  5. Sam17z, Town (Detonated fifth, day 1 by Firekitten)
  6. Firekitten, Town (Detonated sixth, day 1 by Geyde)
  7. BlueStorm, Town (Detonated seventh, day 1 by Maxwell)


Type /backup to backup.

Credit for the setup goes to user Jazz.





aga/inst my better judgement









The alteration that I made to this incarnation is that now the phase where mafia decide their detonators is time limited and can lead to some town discussion, making that phase less boring and avoiding quick detonations. :wink:


/intestinal worms are painful




I was about to out but now I can’t


Instead I must pray for your detonator

Maybe I’ll get it like I got Max’s





Hippo joined


Is this like a short stay or back forever


Short most likely, what with everything going on I wanted to join one last game here in case I don’t get another chance.


Plus I just finished paying off my debt from buying too many V-bucks so I have more free-time.


/in because Orange missed having a game with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: Once I receive a detonator will I know who I can blow up?

Like mafia makes their picks and detonators distributed.

Will I get a role PM that says “You can blow up player X”

Or assuming I am town will it say “you are town. Go lynch scums” (or something similar)


You know who you have I’m p sure.


Quick heads up but I’m almost certainly gonna detonate my guy within the first day cuz I can’t resist pressing that big red button.

flashback to that time I forcelynched PKR in psycho’s game and started a forum wide lynchmob against me



Basically, yes.


Which one?