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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


I just got on to post two posts and you’re already call me scum?


/FoS Geyde


Scumlean on blue… Scum win when they have parity so…


But you are scumreading him back. If he is mafia, he knows you are town and as such want you to aliviate your pressure on him regardless of how he supposedly would read you.


Marl busses relentlessly and out of nowhere day 1 as scum sometimes. See Chess Mayhem and Triangle Mafia. Don’t clear him 100%.


Pfft, bwahaha

Good luck with that then

If I wanted an early parity victory as scum so badly why would I have blown Baz up


I know Marl busses relentlessly

This is in a different situation whereby he’s willingly dropped the keys to his death in my hands

I don’t see any scum, even Marl, wanting to lose the townreading leverage that a mafia-to-mafia bomb would provide so easily.


Awww thaaankk yoouuu

I’m going to kill you next game


Just remember me holding icis button is the only thing keeping you from getting policy detonated :eyes:


See dis


but I must tunnel you or else I’m disappointed in myself and thats the worst kind


You what
Why would I need to save my butt as mafia
I could just tell Bazinga not to detonate me in the scum chat

This theory is bad


Cbman is mafia


@Icibalus detonate Margaret to get CB’s remote


Or wait we have a Lynch, that’s a better idea


/vote cbman


Wow go figure Isaac is cleared as town now who could have predicted this would happen


It’s almost like any competent host sends roles even if they are vanilla


It is almost like it was intentional


Marl. You couldve just asked me to detonate them tommorow…


We all noticed it