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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


No, it’s not an answer to this. At least not an acceptable one.


The crux of your main argument is that I’ve been acting out of meta alongside a terribad response to your push.

  1. Meta read doesn’t apply due to a lack of a scum game for reference. It’s not foolproof and you clearly stated your vote wasn’t for pressure.
  2. My terribad response is terribad. Congratulations. It’s also AtE. It’s also a sign of how fed up I am with my life. Don’t open up this wound.

The worst part of your push has been your meta in regards to using :eyes:.

As Eevee once said in EW2, your behavior was coming to the other player on an equal level. This contrasts so hard with your performance here, and it pings me that you don’t quite care about my responses. And why in the hell would you want to do that?

The fuck.


That’s tailoring the one part of your argument that doesn’t apply to what I said.


Oww let me just state whenever my votes are for pressure from now on

So why would you scumread me for scumreading something you find scummy yourself?

Eevee is a very different story. I was scumreading Eevee at that moment, but he has more status as a player here, so I was more so playing along with them, because I knew at that moment it would be impossible for me to shift a lynch on Eevee and I did not suspect Eevee the most at that moment anyway.

It’s also something you still haven’t addressed. :eyes: Nitpicking what you have already or haven’t addressed is not doing you any favours.


You can’t say I don’t care about your answers when I have to directly ask you to actually answer the accusation twice and you give me some bs like this right after:


This is the point I’ve been making. It’s Ici AtE tier.

Notice how I haven’t been pushing you for this.

Also notice how this perspective fails to take in account the rest of the argument being made, as it micro reads parts of my posts for further fuel on the train.

Going back to the AtE thing here. It’s like you want to be townread even as your push slams me as Town. See Homestuck pre-roll for Ici’s posts that highlight my point there.

And you just fucked up. EW2 also saw you pushing me with that same resolve.

Don’t try that “they don’t count” argument when you yourself did the same exact thing to the person you push for being scum here. It shows that you clearly have no interest in hearing what I have to say.

This furthermore shows that you are pushing a scum agenda as I made a contradiction in my post yet you didn’t pick up on it.

Something about meta reads.

Furthermore, you are scum because:

  • Pushing agenda of wanting to be townread as you push me
  • Microreading my posts for the slightest mistakes so you can further your point.

You clearly aren’t trying to find scum. You are trying to push a low-hanging fruit for a free lynch with no repercussions.


I don’t need to answer the point because it is completely subjective.

Asking a townread for their reasoning when they are explaining a plan to commit a Pyrrhic victory is a twinge bit spooky


Bitch did you just ping me 3 times to kill you

Wtf let me read the thread first



Cbman seems town, I think





  • Bluestorm | Already established why this is the case
  • CBman | People have pointed this out, and I agree. They wouldn’t be contributing this much if they were scum as a newer player.

Slight Townleans:

  • Marl | They basically convinced Blue into bombing? Since that’s the case, it’s a TR unless a bus, which is why townlean.
  • Marg | Gamethrowing Marg is a town Marg. Slight because their recent performance in EW2 blurs those lines
  • Ici | Town motivation, dedication to putting effort in. I see this as Town because of Homestuck versus Warhammer.



Bad people:

  • Baz | lul
  • Solic | I’ve stated why
  • One of Gamer/Maxi/Merc
  • One of Wazza/Isaac ( leaning Isaac )

Don’t know what this means.

k then.

If you want me to quote literally everything, no issue here.

Anything that is dissimilar to one of your town games is a scum-ping. I don’t need a scum game for reference.

I’m not going to read other games to prove your apparent point. If you have one, make it yourself.

No, I was more vicious towards you in my memory. You leave a lot of things to be filled in in your arguments and it makes them hard to interpret.

What contradiction?

I trust you’d clarify the first point. I’m not “microreading” anything. I am addressing everything you say.

You are no low-hanging fruit lol.

And precisely your subjective opinion is interesting.

I drop the point actually, I didn’t see it was in direct reply to this and saw it in isolation:


Kind of funny how you copy the read though, while you called me out for it. :wink:

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Interesting how you copypasted his scumtrio and just switched your name with mines, who he pressured when he presented the trio thing.
/vote Geyde


Why is that scum indicative of him though? :thinking:


Avoiding making reads and instead presenting something you would agree with


I’m going to bed by the way, remember this please!


But he has no reason to please me if he is scumreading me…?


/vote Margaret I feel better about this vote atm. Geyde will at least engage, so he will be easier to read.


I still think we should just bomb round the table tomorrow starting with Merc

It’s literally the best way to do this, the only way it fails is if Marl is somehow scum which I can’t see it being the case