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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


or you will be this guyimage


By the way, expecting to be boom boombed by the end of my sleep, good night though seriously.


I expected a lot more from town Geyde. A weak push on low hanging fruit Isaac and a null read after first asking the consensus town (Blue) their read on the specific player (Astand). Don’t like it one bit. :eyes:


image if he doesn’t detonate me @cbman


Like why are you asking the person that you townread what their thoughts are on somebody if you yourself are nullreading them. You’d only do that if you were scumreading them.

/vote Geyde


I’ve been stuck in class all day.

Stop being full of shit


Do I sense overreaction? :eyes: I like my vote.



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That was the reaction that took you so long to type? Very interesting self consciousness.


I do appreciate the perspective that you Scumread me before I even posted


Like why ping me in the middle of a test?

“One of Gamer/Geyde/Maxi is scum”

That’s some quick progression if NONE of them post


Like how can I know you have a test? :thinking:


You’ve posted? :eyes: What do you refer to?


You didn’t read my words correctly.

Before is the word


It’s called pressuring lurkers. Clearly it has worked for you at least.



This is why I should work on my essay.

It’s talking against a brick wall.


You aren’t pushing from Town perspective.

You never followed through on your read of my third post.


Why don’t you just address what I say instead of ATE’ing it up?


Add an OMGUS up to it?


Because being a salty idiot is my speciality.

The point is that your snap vote is terrible and your reasoning relies on a meta read which WAS answered.