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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


Just shut up for once, seriously, no one actually cares anymore.

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That’s very non committal of you. :eyes:


catch me on fortnite playground


fite me I’ll defeat you with free vending machines.


calls him a noob super super loud






Then why are you in this game?


oof i just got roasted


jk I love you… when you aren’t scum…




Can you guys just actually come with legit arguments instead of this. This is just clogging up the thread if you are town. :eyes:

“No, you’re a noob” doesn’t qualify.


ok ill stop


yeh same, no but seriously I’ll stop memeing this game now. Anyway im a celeb is over, goodnight.


wait 1 more meme


Interesting question here for ya

Do you think anyone’s holding a mafia-to-mafia detonator, and who do you think would make that choice?


Half this game is going to be sifting through garbage.


By the way, I’ll say one more thing, I didn’t say i trusted Marg or didn’t trust Marg, I did kinda at first but they kinda ticked me off a bit with this message.

Trying to foreshadow me to do it maybe?


It’s bad practice to see entire associations before flips in my opinion. This falls under that.

I can see Baz doing it however.


seriously tho detonate me