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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


What are your thoughts then on everyone detonating tomorrow, starting with Merc and ending with me/Marl?


1 town dead<2 mafia dead


plus theres already a mafia dead


seriously kill me its for the better


Okay that’s it, I’m going on a rant.

This game, I just decided to meme as I expected to be exploded straight away. I memed and you over-reacted from my memes, literally not even joking, I voted you up and even said this after you called me a noob.

Then I said nothing else about it, until this message came up which just lighted a spark.

Considering these things weren’t connected and he decided to randomly be like, okay let’s try cause some drama in this town, knowing I’d react to this he decided to continue it and knowing he’d be able to convince people by not acting as he “normally does” as town to vote me/detonate me.

You can even tell me and Margaret are memeing by reading just two messages between us.

Literally if you read one line out of our conversations you can see it’s just memes at this point.


telling the truth


that throws a tantrum like a little kid wasn’t for likes I swear


I don’t see Wazza vs Isaac as SvS. It’s too emotionally charged for that.

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Do you think astand is town?


lmao you got 2 likes


2 likes is 2 likes into my collection.


Yeh but it’s not TvT because Isaac can’t be Town, it can’t be physically possible.


I haven’t got an accurate read on them yet, but that’s besides the point in terms of my plan.


You don’t think Astand is town? :thinking:


how is that physically impossible?


in a way that involves bodily contact or activity.


I know I don’t normally go on a rant and try to actually defend myself, I’m just done with Isaac even further than just a game, like seriously, I’m going to go to bed now because he has literally pissed me off.


in a manner relating to the body


Null on them.


my body is mafia