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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


lol /vote wazza


you just outted your self


So you changed your mind on Margaret so you could OMGUS me, after not reading anything GamerPoke just said.


/vote wazza again


I literally didn’t, just didn’t want to gamethrow because I’d rather keep playing this game


Would it be throwing as in you outed yourself as mafia?


No, as lying as town that I’m mafia, I’d be mod-killed in an instant.


@MaximusPrime get over here and detonate me so I can prove that Isaac isn’t Town.


You wouldn’t be modkilled, that doesn’t make sense mate

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yes please kill him


I’m now on mobile for the next 9+ hours btw

So I can’t properly track votes


I’m watching the game, I’m not blowing up anyone. These are 2 day rounds.


no kil lme now


now please


when i flip town you guys can still have a day on voting either marg or wazza


What would it prove?


I’d like other people to say killing you is a good idea.


wazza says its ok so


kill me its fine


You guys are in conflict. I’m not dumb.