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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


Unless I have to out, that’s the worse.



If you’re town, never say this

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Geyde is here. Spicy.


Geyde, post a massive-ass readslist or I’ll ping GamerPoke to bomb you


I mean, I like to think I do honestly, I think I’ve only had 1 or 2 scum-games.


At least I don’t hold your detonator Geyde, but you know I don’t need one. :wink:


And they ended because I went afk.


@GamerPoke speak or die


@cbman detonate me


@cbman might want to read up on your detonator target a bit.


can you at least answer this part


I can, and I can say, I didn’t, I was actually meme voting, especially when you called me a noob but you reacted to over-exaggerated.


meme voting seriously?


right after i say marg is mafia?


Meme Voting in a Meme Game is how I roll.


just say your mafia


Honestly that was just a coincidence because I’m a celeb was on I wasn’t paying attention


If you are saying Isaac is scum for associating you with Marg and saying you both a scum together without evidence, that’s sad


Coattailing off of other player’s arguments, I see.

I can’t see Waz v Isaac being TvT at all after this

Anybody can read. All the ‘slips’ should be taken with a grain of salt. This is forced af.

Blue is defo town. Their bomb getting a maf kill doesn’t look like a bus because of their reaction, along with their motivation which has been pretty towny.


But that would be gamethrowing.