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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)



You’re really taking a gamble asking advice from the bloodthirstiest character here


That is your job to decide, yes and no I would say, they are scared of you anda re trying to tunnel you like you did to me but I tunneled myself.


It was a reaction test.


seriously detonate yourself


Since it’s coming up so much. If Wazza detonates me prematurely, tunnel him mercilessly. He’d get me out at earliest opportunity as scum after he saw my town performance in Enemy Within.

I’ll gladly take the 1 for 1, so if you are scum, go ahead Wazza. :wink:


you did pretty good in that game, you are good at tunneling me… I mean it isn’t hard


@MaximusPrimekill wazza




@MaximusPrime ^^


@cbman you have a job to do.


ik noob omg


It’s tempting to tunnel him now, he’s said a couple of things I don’t really like.

I could be looking too far into a joke but I don’t see town bringing up the idea of wanting to blow themselves up, like, ever


he is mafia


with marg


I’m a memey guy, this game I don’t really seem as serious as any other game


YeH bEcAuSe JoKeS lOcK sCuM.


I don’t see scum bringing it up either.


that wasn’t a joke


1 less mafia member if you detonate your self


my chances increase in winning