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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


Thank god, I do not want to do it.


quotes post saying that you want to


I’d say if you want to genuinely detonate someone, bold your detonate and ping Jas





Why would you or would you not want to detonate Margaret?


(oh and add a Darkest Dungeon quote while you’re at it)


First two I wasn’t worried, third one was an Undertale reference


This is saddening, 2 town is out


If you weren’t worried, why would you feel the need to comment?

You should be worried by the way


Gamer, who do you want to see die next?


Nice to grace us with your presence, Poke

Thoughts on the person holding your detonator?

(Also thanks for not taking into account my awesome detonate on Baz)


I could tell Solic to either Detonate Merc or die, but that would make me scum.


Read the message above and got confused ;-;;


How would it make you scum? How would you reach that conclusion?

Moreover why would town say that?


Do you scumread Merc?


@Isaac_Gonzalez should I detonate Solic.


Answered your own question.


no detonate your self


I wish it was possible.


same here