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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


otp intensifies

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It wasnt luck.


legitmately wants to blow up Solic right now but you can tell he’s town


can you?

Solic’s a smorty-3.14


Why do you townread me? :eyes: Do you already know I’m town.

It’s so awkward to tunnel someone holding your detonator.


I was doing it with Plant earlier.


Because Enemy Within 2 game intensifies

(this is for Blue and Solic)


By the way, I didn’t actually want Plant blown up.


Because, i have plot armor


Commit slip on explosive detonator.


How about you sit down brah.


Reading someone like Solic based off of one game isn’t smart.

If I tried to read him based off of my experiences with him as a scumteam in RM2 I would get nowhere.


@astand Blue is bullying me, /detonate exists ya know.


that doesn’t detonate my bomb right.


I didn’t bold it so.


It shouldn’t, it ain’t bold and Booper wasn’t pinged


Why are you so worried? :eyes:




Can you notttt…?


No, it has to be bold and/or i have to be sure that you want to do it