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FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)


Short Fuse

This could either go really well or really shit, but it’s one of my games so that’s a given


12 Town
4 Mafia

Mafia requires parity to win rather than the total obliteration of the town faction

Mafia have a factional chat but do not have a factional kill
Days are 48 hours long
Lynches happen through either majority or plurality
You cannot vote for a nolynch

Game Gimmick

Each player has a bomb strapped to them, the bombs can only be disarmed when 1 faction wins.

At the beginning of the game, each player is publicly given a detonator.

At any point, you may type /detonate in the game thread to kill the player whose detonator you hold.

When a player dies for any reason (detonation or lynch), the detonator they hold is given to the player who holds their detonator, so if A can kill B and B can kill C, if B dies, A then has the detonator to kill C.

A player may detonate a maximum of one player per day.

Before the game starts, the Mafia must tell me if they want a Town detonator, a Mafia detonator, or for it to be random. A maximum of 3 Mafia detonators can be taken.

Once the player who has your detonator types /detonate, you can no longer detonate anyone, this rule is just a safety net if someone is detonated when I am asleep.

Note: Be sure to read every message I send in big text as these include important game announcements, though really you should read every post but idk how long this game is going to be

Signups (A --> B symbolises that A holds the detonator for B

  1. Icibalus --> Margaret
  2. Margaret --> cbman
  3. Planterror - Exploded D1 (3) - Town
  4. cbman --> Isaac_Gonzalez
  5. Isaac_Gonzalez --> GamerPoke
  6. GamerPoke --> Geyde
  7. Geyde --> WazzaAzza
  8. MaximusPrime - Dead - Exploded D1 (1) - Mafia
  9. WazzaAzza --> Solic
  10. Solic --> Mercenary
  11. Mercenary --> atsand
  12. Sam17z - Dead - Exploded D1 (2) - Town
  13. atsand --> BlueStorm
  14. BlueStorm --> Marluxion
  15. bazingaboy - Dead - Exploded D1 (1) - Mafia
  16. Marluxion --> Icibalus

[FM] Short Fuse III: Shortest Fuse - Game End - Mafia win

Citizens? (I didn’t read yet)




I was asking if town were citizens


sure whatever if you wanna call them that




if you call citizens who have a bomb citizens then sure

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Hella join

Im detonating someone d1




I dont even gotta scum read this game lol


Ooh interesting


I’m detonating you d1 if I get yours

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policy detonate celeste as soon as possible


also i predict at least 55 BOOM BYE SCUMs this game

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Pre game WIFOM:

you looked at the wrong spoiler

Mafia should always choose Mafia to detonate if they’re good so their teammates don’t get detonated

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