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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


Day has now ended.

closed #7826


Official and accurate Geyde VC

Accused Voters Count
NinjaPenguin Zone_Q11 1/6
Wazza Luna 1/6
Luna Wazza, NinjaPenguin, Maxwell, Hjasik, Boss 5/6
NuclearBuritto Shadow 1/6

Luna has been lynched due to plurality.


Luna was…

User#: A-Class Personnel
Foundation 1-Shot Bulletproof

Class A personnel are those deemed essential to Foundation strategic operations, and are not allowed direct access to anomalies under any circumstances. When circumstances require Class A personnel to be in direct proximity to such anomalies (such as in the case of facilities housing containment units), Class A personnel are not allowed access to the areas of the facility containing such anomalies and are to be kept in secured areas at all times.

Your importance in the foundation necessitates the best protection be used to keep you alive. You will be protected from a single attempt on your life.

You win when the Chaos Insurgency and any dangerous SCPs are defeated.


I will end night early when all actions are in.


Waking up weary and nervous, the rest of the people still alive congregated where they did yesterday, to the place where Luna was collectively lynched.

Where Luna’s body was at one point in time, now hung that of H_Hjasik. A gaping hole in their neck, a soulless expression. They were murdered, brutally.

Hjasik was…

User#: Scientist
Foundation Vanilla

You are one of the prestigious, drawn from the best and brightest around the world to work at the Foundation. With specialists in every field imaginable, from chemistry and botany to more esoteric or specialized fields such as theoretical physics and xenobiology, the goal of the Foundation’s research projects is to gain a better understanding of unexplained anomalies and how they operate.

You have no abilities of your own. You can speak and vote though!

You win when the Chaos Insurgency and any dangerous SCPs are defeated.

Day 4 begins. With 9 players alive majority is 5.

opened #7831


@Boss110, what info do you have?


Why you ask that?


Because I don’t know who else would have info?


Nuclear claim investigator


Alright. @NuclearBurrito, what are your results?
Your susp level is basically above my grudge level for NP right now. In fact:

/vote NuclearBurrito


/vote maxwell
I will keep this vote on him for now, don’t hammer yet


I don’t even remember seeing him post D3


I did not claim invest and I’m not sure why you think I did


I posted once and spent the rest of the day dealing with midterms


What did you claim again? Something about anomalous


I haven’t claimed yet besides the fact that I have an anomalous interaction


Why would you go for Maxwell? Nuc’s clearly the suspicious one.

Well, it was a word from a conf!town vs a word from someone who was not present D2.

Remind me why you didn’t say this in the one post in D2 again?


Mechanical information