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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


Merc was both claim/flavour vig.
I’d say it’s probable that there’s another type of claim/flavour killer


You could have said VT with modifier


Considering it’s a 23P closed setup, and claiming is usually a bad idea, it’s not that OP

Unless someone starts a massclaim day 1


That is true, but when did we can trust a NK anyway?


I could’ve, but there’s a chance that’s enough info for a claim vig



help! they found out!


We dont have to trust NK since NK can lose if he kills town
Also has to upkeep balance


What are the odd of luna flip town





I’ll flip foundation


0% of flipping town Ok I guess


Wait, have you post you full readlist?


@discobot fortune
Should We lynch luna


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


I take it this means that you aren’t a doublevoter


If I was a double voter And still posting I would get smited for twilight posting


But we all know geyde is like a giant teddy bear
it wouldn’t be that badd





What the heck is “Yesable”