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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


Should i vote luna then, i think i can stay until EoD




I’d suggest getting Wazza after I flip town btw


Unless she is eevees alt this isnt Legit


I cannot stay until EOD. Have to leave in an hour or less and will not be around for the rest of the EOD.


Didn’t we already have enough vote to lynch her? Don’t want to hammer yet


Its not Hammer Its like 2-3 votes out of 6
I think


/vote luna


Hj, Boss, Max, NP, Wazza
so L1 I think


/request reinforcment


Double vote


double vote to hammer





Stop doing that you noob


quick question

did anyone have a reason to vote me excluding the fact I claimed VT when I’m technically a bulletproof citizen to protect my self from flavour vig?


Its Legit I am double voter


Flavour vig cant kill role claim
Neither is one alive anymore


Cause afaik, Wazza omgused, NP had the whole VT claim reason, and the rest just sheeped off of that

If there’s another large amount of night kills, it’s possible for chaos to have majority


2 flavour vig seem OP

NK has to kill chaos