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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


Whatever I didn’t want to out but I have mech info Luna is either a PR or scum and they just claimed VT so it’s the latter.
@H_Hjasik WIFOM your protection on me tonight alongside Shadow and Boss.


My Night 2 should be obvious enough looking through my ISO but I don’t want to out them if I don’t have to.


The day has already end technically


it was extended until 2 hr 22 min from now because of squid’s modkill


Why aren’t either of you voting Luna right now smh?


Was about to was crafting this post

I trust NP for now. The level of detail going into the reads was very meticulous and luna has done nothing to convince me of otherwise.

/vote Luna


/vote luna


What are mech abilities?


This was post 12 hours ago?


Silence noob


Mechanical info. I.E. not reads, my actual role.


that post was misleading and was not posted at the end of the day phase
The day phase was originally going to end 9 hours and 42 minutes ago.


So an investigative class, got it.


alrighty, claiming VT was my attempt to not get memed on by any sort of flavour/claim based killer

I’m Class-A
VT with a 1 shot bullet proof vest passive


post logs


Its over


It’s time for our first hammer, I say.


Nice job outing a town investigative but you’re done.


Alrighty, how many hours we have left?


as of the post time of this message, 2 hours and 15 minutes.