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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


No it’s just not possible. For me to reasonably be able to make any reads I’d have to go back and read many, many messages. Currently I’m clueless in terms of reads and don’t have the time to become un-clueless.


If this makes me seem scumlike, then that’s what it is. As I said twice previously it seems outing may be my only defense so please let me know if you need me to pursue that route.


Is there anyone here


Day ended


We still have 3 hours left


More than 48 hours from this moment


Geyde extended the day for 12 hours




I am here


After squids flip I feel like whoever We today lynch flips town




What about math


I mean today


@Luna can you post you full readlist?


We can’t no lynch


You cant do that boss


I know right


Why is that



omg stop angleshooting