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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


It was not feedback or visit based.


Ok so like how do u know it’s them then? Like what info do u have on them that no one else has?


I don’t know it’s them.
I guess the place for me to start is that I saw some stuff earlier about how there was some TK which claimed some ability which ends up not working out


Are u referring to Wazza missing merc


So uh… why vote?


Because if this was luna related then I had a legitimate read. However it had to do with waz so I have nothing.



When I say reads I usually mean post reads, which do not encompass reads from night.



so you’ve been snooping around my house at night then? >:(


Perhaps . . .


Speaking of reads can you make some in this format I just need names but the more info the better
Confirmed Town-
Town leans-


knew it.
I bought a box of donuts and they were all gone in the morning

probably should’ve bought a lock for my door now that I think about it


i am currently in a pathfinder session which ends in 35 minutes.

After that I should be able to review the backlog and then post that sort of thing within a few hours.
Like I said I’ve been just bogged down with work so I haven’t been able to look at most all of it.


Sounds good make sure u get it in b4 EOD. Hope pathfinder goes good for yall I’ve been wanting to try that sometime but I cant stop playing 5th edition to start


Lol I don’t really 5e


Based off this EOD is 9:55 EST 2019-03-14T13:55:00Z


I am here


*EDT, actually


I’ve realized I just have too much work to do and just don’t have time to review the backlog at this point so it is impossible for me to fill out that chart. If you deem outing to be my only possible defense I’m open to that, said that before.


I’ll be online pretty much until the end of the day period if you need to reach me but I just don’t have the time to put into the review of nature which would lead me to reasonably be able to fill out that chart.


Is it possible that you can do a more simple version?
Tell us your top 2 wolfreads of sorts?