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[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)


EOD is in 2 ish hours

@Geyde what’s the VC?


Ok I am back
EOD is in 2 hours and 38 minutes from the post time of this message
Just checked


Vote Count!

Accused Voters Count
PoisonedSquid DatBird, Boss, ShadowExtreme, Hjasik 4/7
NinjaPenguin Zone_Q11 1/7
Wazza Luna 1/7

(iirc no new votes came in)

Squid has been modkilled

User#: Scientist
Foundation Vanilla

You are one of the prestigious, drawn from the best and brightest around the world to work at the Foundation. With specialists in every field imaginable, from chemistry and botany to more esoteric or specialized fields such as theoretical physics and xenobiology, the goal of the Foundation’s research projects is to gain a better understanding of unexplained anomalies and how they operate.

You have no abilities of your own. You can speak and vote though!

You win when the Chaos Insurgency and any dangerous SCPs are defeated.

The day has been extended by 12 hours to compensate. Also some other stuff.


I’ll be around for most of this period now (staying up late to do some work)


I’m pretty sure a few votes changed


No votes actually changed :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless someone has an ability that affects votes


Vote Count!

Accused Voters Count
NinjaPenguin Zone_Q11 1/6
Wazza Luna 1/6
Luna Wazza, NinjaPenguin, Maxwell 3/6


/vote Luna


Also, shouldn’t majority be 6 after squids death?


Hey can u explain this


@Luna why do u think theres a wagon on you?


Can you give an exact time I want to wake up early so I dont miss this?


Well, I called Wazza out for being wolf, got OMGUSed, and sheeped by Max.
NP voted in regards to my response in Hj’s final 4 reaction test, but I assume there’s more to it


Now do you think this is a scum wagon or misguided town


I don’t currently have a reason based on reads. There is something related to my class about this but it would require me to out.


Without fully outing can you tell me what it does or if that’s to much why Luna and why u didnt vote earlier


my abilities are my entire class so those are one and the same. I may have been busy with school; I was really booked earlier today.


And I have no other reasoning to why luna as I haven’t had time to review the backlog.


So what u got? Anomalous, who they visited, town, neut, scum, scp? What we dealing with