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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


We know :^)


tf happened


game got breached apparently


Like even the way scum gib IRL excuses is different from how a townie would

Town go something like “Im gonna be at uni so ping me if important stuff happens, no time read thread.”

Scum go “Guys I had uni pls stop, pushers are scum!!1!1!”


1273 down the Rockefeller street


Guess I’ll ask for pings next time.


Max complained and talked about the game in a DRRP server


oh hey


confirm me? i guess


See @Marluxion

I predicted what scum would chose and picked best counter.
Sorry, not sorry, but eevee 1 - 0 Marl :^)


yeah that’s my bad, soz

although i could’ve been lying about that :confused:


I was mafia.
If I didn’t get replaced, you would know I was mafia.


@Mercenary add me to the mafia chat please. Thanks.


@BlueStorm ^ , thanks.