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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


I will never stop doing this because I’m a toxic boy even if it’s mostly unintentional


What PR did you choose






I was hedging GF since I knew town would pick Cop guaranteed.

Cop + Doc is almost gg instantly though


Uploading: Screenshot_2019-01-10-11-55-17.png…
That happened and Maxi would figure I was mafia of I didn’t replace out


Oh screw it uploader


Oh, this is bad.


yes he wasn’t answering rp


He wasn’t the one who was flip-flopping more frequently than me bonking filthy Capitalists.

I’m not sure why wouldn’t you suspect it would back-fire sooner or later.

Watcher > Doctor in 9p games.


“stop getting mislynched in every game.”

OY Maxi remember that time in Mountainous how I nearly carried even though my slot should’ve been lockscummed after Math flipped town? Why not try that for once?


Wait what


This was my best game

tldr got in a TvT thunderdome d1, they ended up lynching Math instead of me. Mislynched once more than gamesolved but got Aliced at mylo





I was the first to throw shade over Maxi so I just slightly smiled at the rant


I should have pinged Dat to be more active :confused:


Part of me wants to join, but I feel like I might roll scum like I usually do :^)


join I’ll carry


School was killing me yesterday. I really wish I could have talked more so I didnt look as sus, but between getting assigned a 19 person group project and getting lost on campus. Yesterday was great


Oh so theres a reroll. I was watcher y’all xD