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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


Maximus can tell you what he did


Long story short, this game will be rerolled in a new thread due to a breach of game integrity.

MaximusPrime will also be blacklisted from this particular game due to him being the main cause of said breach, so I will be looking for a replacement from off the bat.




A’ight, you’re back in boyo


Who was mafia


Why did you sub out


Eevee + Datbird? Or Merc + Datbird?


Second one.

Wazza and I were on tenterhooks when y’all almost lynched the Town Cop.


I subbed out because schedule shifted so that I would have significantly less time to play this.

Later, it shifted in my favor


Rehearsal schedule


Put majority in effect or I won’t join the reroll


Marl and Maxi were obvtown imo, eevee started somewhat clearing for me. Everyone else I nullread


Kinda hard to disprove when the person making that kind of shitshow is ONLY doing that when they’re Town. :thinking:


Dude I game solved


That just means its gg for scum when he’s on teh scumteam :^)


Icibalus called it so early and it scared me beyond beleif


*looks at Marl

And almost policy lynched person for no reason. :^)


Blame Eevee


I did game solve in the end right before the breach



Looking back on this I was incredibly obvious because I answered all questions.

GF is underrated tho