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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


that’s not how this works



Stop ffs.


If there was actually a slip somewhere
the game should just be rerolled or canned
I’m saying this as a moderator

There’s no point continuing a game ON DAY 1 where there is a breach


You cannot be a moderator in game wich you are playing yourself.


Host is gonna decide and if anything, can contect other mod for help.

You have no right to know about replacement if you are playing in the game


You are literaly just widening the breach.

When mod should be first be able to patch it out and then judge how much of game integrity was lost and if it’s worth to continue.

You are not the one to decide about it if you play this game.


beacuse if someone broke the rules i want to know via what channels so it doesn’t fucking happen again


You will know it AFTER THE GAME.

Knowing it now only makes game more broken.
Maybe it was somethign small and fixable, but through your attitude it wasn’t anymore?


Why do you think you was LAST mod to be informed about FeH being canned and why?

Why do you think I got other forum mods to help me patch the breach first, then try to assume the loses and only then inform you about game being canned?


Cause you was PLAYING in this game.


Stop breaking games more then they were already broken.

The end.


No, because i already have a hunch about what happened, i just need merc to confirm my hunch

i’ll replace out of this game if necessary


just from her saying something i can already guess what happened


Currently at work, please stop speaking until I get home to sort things out.

The game is on pause.



@BlueStorm tell me when to unlock it on discord



@Maximusprime my dude why do you do this


Do I really need to join the Danganronpa discord just to make sure people don’t cheat


What happened?