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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


I mean that means that if it’s you + Maximus as mafia, mafia wins, so you will need to work very hard to convince me.


I know one player to be town


And that means you are town…

Le sigh…



That’s like the basic rule.


via what means


No, Marl. STOP.


no, if it’s that bad game should be rerolled
it’s only d1


No, you don’t discuss replacements as a player.
Just… no.

I would insta modkill you for this in my game if it affected game as much as you just did.


It was you who made this game unplayable rn.


no because they could be lying


Be happy we have backups at least


that’s not how this works
how do you know someone is town?


@Mercenary don’t talk about replacements either.

Saying why and when you are replaced is… destroying games.


eevee if there was actually a breach this should just be rerolled


I shouldn’t have answered Maxi when I told that I wasn’t going to say why
My fault.


Doesn’t matter.
After you digging into the matter…
If they are not lying either they continue via knowing who is town or they are replaced and be confirmed town.



And ruin newbies derpclearing themselves?
And ruin theirs experience anyway?

The replace should of been handles quietly in the first place.


Marl, you are damn game moderator here.

Start behaving like one instead of ruining the games via questions wich should never happen.


Can I advocate for the game not being canned
If I was mafia at this point I would have to be replaced anyway not to confirm myself as town


But mafia knows who is town due to them being mafia anyway.

And stop giving more info.